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My name is characharaboy and I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and stylist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The bulk of my work is manifested through my background in illustration, animation, pattern surface design and textile printing. Combined with a strong knack for conceptual thinking and a natural tendency to bring all manner of related and especially unrelated themes together, I bring about a layered work that has an unorthodox but familiar appearance.

A theme that’s consistent in my work is the use of the fictional character as a medium to assert or replicate something in our day to day reality. By bringing the fictional into our physical world I try to blur the thin line between what’s real and what’s made up. This army of characters can act as independent entities with their own opinions and feelings, but can also often be seen as incarnations of their maker.

To play with fiction you need to know about reality. That’s why in my thematic and conceptual thinking process I put a strong focus on what already is established. Think of cultural history, ideologies or modern pop culture. This plays a key role in the establishing of a character or story. Be it one that is 3D, drawn or a dressed up model.

If you want to know more about past work or if you want to contact me for business you can reach me on this e-mail:

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